Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WIPocalypse already failing!

Um so. I apparently really need this SAL because I haven't even been able to finish this post! I haven't even got Christmas cards out which is beside the point but I might need to add them to the list.
I also have no progress pictures to post sadly. So instead I'm going to finish the post I was supposed to have done first which was a list of things I need to finish. *snicker* oh dear.

Also in case you are wondering what the WIPocalypse even is it is a fun sew along set up by Melissa at Measi's Musings As you know we are all going to die this year as predicted by the Mayan's!!!! And we may as well spend the time before this said catastrophe finishing up our crafty things. I actually have low hopes for my finishing of anything. Sadly impending doom doesn't seem to be a big motivator for me but I can hope a little.

So My list of things to finish this year. To be added too I'm sure as I dig up old projects from my room...

1. Giant Geisha cross-stitch
2. Hello Kitty rug
3. Tea Wallet for Grandma
4. Dragon plush
5. "Wink" Sweater even though it wont fit me
6. Nativity needlepoint ornament
7. Turtle blanket
8. Mrs. Snowman embroidery


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I do hope you manage to find some time and motivation for a February update ^^

Ziggyeor said... Best Blogger Tips

ohh a Hello Kitty rug and a Turtle blanket? I have to see these I have friends who love both. Well turtles might be a joke, but she does like some of them.

Violet said... Best Blogger Tips

@Claire TY! I hope so too I have too many things to finish if I don't find some motivation!

@Ziggy It's a wee Hello Kitty Rug. Found at a thrift store It might be good for a dollhouse LOL