Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Off to Germany!

Okay well I'm not off to Germany though that would be fun.
I finished up my package for a friend. It's an advent calendar as I mentioned last post but since it's being sent's a wee bit late. I seriously need to start planning the package I send her every year in January!

So first off the advent calendar itself is something I made a few years ago and we alternate years by sending it back and forth to each other. I had one like this when I was little. I remember we would use up Halloween candy for it. Yes I was the kid that saved all her Halloween candy forever. This one that I made I added a bigger pocket to on the bottom for special gifts on Christmas.

I like to send something for my friend's Parents and Grandparents, but with overseas postage this can be difficult sometimes. This year I found an old kit for making beaded Christmas bells. (my thumbs are sore from the pin pushing!), Christmas Holiday CD's at Target only a dollar each yay! Also last year I found at Hallmark cards in German so they each get a card too.

I had trouble finding candy I thought would be fun to send so I supplemented small gifts instead.

random things:
  • hot chocolate and tea bags
  • socks also on clearance from Target
  • origami stars kit
  • lip balm
  • small hedgehog stuffie
and for the pocket:
A pretty necklace, nerds, too big to tie on a day and a My Owl Barn printed calendar.

Sorry I took this photo late when I had wrapped most of it in a rush to get it sent today.
I feel like I did pretty well on budget. And I hope she enjoys the days of not just candy :)

things I currently want: Wild Olive's Pattern Club. getting this!