Wednesday, September 7, 2011

August TUSAL

Ohhhnoooo This is what I get for attempting to update on a phone. Well I was out of town over the weekend at Dragon Con. SO worth going even if you think you aren't into all that "nerdy" stuff. Though it will make lots more sense to you. But I always enjoy the artists and seeing their creations.

I did go in costume Not an over the top one Just Sarah Connor as a waitress from Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles tv series. I didn't expect anyone to actually recognize me but they did! So I spent the week before leaving and my lack of an update freaking out over last minute sewing on that. Note to self 4 am sewing the day you leave...not a good plan! At least I was able to gather my harried sewing threads and toss them into my TUSAL jar...

"Is it soft enough to jump on yet?"