Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mini Sweater Re-Do

I saw these hats at Target. They also had gloves and scarves in the same style. 
And I was like "That's just FairIsle backwards! How easy" 
I don't know what it is but there are an awful lot of winter accessories this year that are so simple a beginning knitter could do them. 
Maybe not this hat I mean but other things.
Anywaaaay I was digging through a pile of sweaters I had looking for another project and I found this one. It's wool and I've decided that I need to wear more wool because I'm always so cold.
SO Step 1 of what I did.
I turned it inside-out took, out the tag and folded the button placket over and sewed it down. This made the sides a little uneven but not much
Here is the inside of the sweater formally the right side and my crazy seams to make it fit better. The seam on the arm is tapered to the wrist ribbing. To even out the sides from the button placket I sewed one seam a little bigger than the other which evened the two sides back out so that the buttons sit centered. This is also known as 'me not measuring and it working out!'

And the finished sweater. It fits really well now. I didn't cut the excess off but because the arms of the sweater were so large to begin with the extra bulk doesn't bother me much. 
My mother claims it just looks like a sweater turned inside out But I really like it. I hope it doesn't look too badly?